Can I Still Drive With a Nail in My Tyre?

Man fixing his tyreYour tyres are important components of your car, not only because they are responsible for enabling your car to run, but because they could also enhance you ride's performance. Tyres absorb shocks and provide traction while you drive. Over time however, you tyres would come in contact with various items, such as rocks, screws and nails, which could potentially result in holes and other problems.

What If You Find a Nail in Your Tyre

First, refrain from touching it. If it is deeply embedded, it could easily plug a hole and stop the tyre from leaking air out. Tyre Tracks suggests that you take your car to a local repair shop in Hamilton, so you could have the affected tyre and all your other tyres inspected. If you do not have your tyre repaired as quickly as possible, it could blow out and cause a more severe problem, such as a potentially fatal accident.

In many cases, the offending nail is usually short enough, so it will not pass through the airtight lining of the tyre or the trajectory of the nail might have missed the lining completely. If it went right through the airtight lining, it might still be sealed around the troublesome nail. If the hole or puncture is small, the technician could opt to repair it by plugging and patching it up rather than replacing the tyre. If this is the case, you will be back on the road in no time.

As soon as you notice that a nail has punctured your tyre, the best thing to do is to bring it to a tyre shop for proper inspection. Keep in mind that you could still drive your car even with a nail on it, provided you are driving it straight to the repair shop. Remember that a nail in your tyre is a safety hazard – one that might cost you more if your tyre blows out and endanger your life as well.

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