4 Things a Disaster Response Team Should Have

Disaster response team lined upIn times of disaster, response teams play a crucial role in ensuring that there will be as little casualty as possible. As such, it is important for these teams to have the right devices and tools so they can do their job efficiently.

Here are some items that may be able to help keep the team prepared during disaster response operations:

A UTV for rescue operations

When it comes to rescue operations, you can never go wrong with a search and rescue amphibious UTV due to its ability to go through dry and flooded lands. It will be able to take the team to the affected area and deliver much-needed supplies to the victims.

Emergency Kits

The importance of emergency kits during disaster response operations cannot be stressed enough. The team kits must be different from that of the individual kits. Adequate food and water supply must be available should the worst comes. Flashlights and first aid packs are also important. You may also want to bring basic medicines, blankets, clothes, and sanitation supplies.

A team phone for communications

Having multiple points of communication is one of the mistakes committed by disaster response teams. Because of this, it has unfortunately become common for there to be communication issues. It is advisable to have just one official number to avoid communication problems.

A map for navigation

When smartphones and the Internet fail, it will be helpful for the team to have a map. After all, using a map is still a trusted way to navigate.

At the end of the day, a disaster response team must take into account the potential needs of those that have been affected by the catastrophe. With proper planning, search and rescue operations will be easier.

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