Learning about the Origins of Car Lifts

Car lift in a garageWithout the car lifts that we know today, probably the only method to repair an automobile is to slide under it or squat in very uncomfortable positions. While car lifts are seen as part and parcel of car repair today, it wasn’t that way a long time ago. From the very basic in-ground lift to the more modern models today, the lift has gone a long way.

Before looking for a Bendpak lift for sale for your garage, take some time to learn about the origin of the lift.

The In-Ground Lift

While in-ground lifts have significantly improved now, the first models were practically just holes in the ground. When repairing a car’s underside, a pit had to be dug that was big enough to accommodate the mechanic. The car would then had to be driven on a ramp to suspend it just above the mechanic’s hole. As revolutionary as the lift was back then, it was also expensive and hard to install.

The Above-Ground Lift

Now famous all over the world in 2-post and 4-post varieties, the above-ground lift was first developed and used in Europe. Instead of standing under the car in a dug pit, the vehicle would be raised to the desired height for the comfort of the mechanic. Above-ground lifts were safer, more convenient and offered a wider range of servicing options compared to the early in-ground models. As highly improved as they were, however, the lifts posed problems for American cars – about size in particular – since European cars are smaller than their American counterparts.

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The American Lift

To address the size problem, an American version of the European above-ground lift was developed. The American model lift was designed for bigger cars and offered more repair angles. Further advancements made by Americans paved the way for the mobile lift that allowed car lifts to address virtually all repair needs.

After learning how the modern lifts today developed, you now have a better appreciation of the equipment.