3 Reasons Why You Should Mind Dust When Doing Home Upgrades

Home upgradeWeekend home upgrades are great to improve the comfort levels of your home. If you’re aiming for improved comfort, you should also consider how the accumulated dust from home repairs and upgrades can affect your family. You can invest in tools and equipment such as industrial dust collectors to efficiently get rid of the dust. Here are some of the reasons why you should mind the dust when doing any home repair.

1. It’s not just a construction-related nuisance.

In the past, construction-related dust has been considered more of a nuisance rather than a health hazard. But as more research confirms the health consequences of inhaling dust, construction companies have gone to invest in equipment, tools, and gears to protect their employees from the harmful effects of dust. And so should you.

2. It can cause more than just allergies.

When dust particles are inhaled, it can lead to health conditions such as asthma. But there are other and more serious health consequences, and these include histoplasmosis, which is an infectious disease that happens when a person inhales the demolition dust from old structures. The dust could contain fungus from bat and bird droppings, and the inhaled fungi can affect the lungs. In severe cases, people can develop chronic lung disease from histoplasmosis.

3. Children can ingest 10 grammes of dust daily.

You should be more mindful of dust in your home if you have small children. They can crawl and ingest up to 10 grammes of dust every day. And this could get worse if you have some home construction on the way and you fail to keep your children from demolition-related debris and dust. These could lead to more than just itchy eyes and runny nose. Small children could develop asthma and allergies.

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Dust Be Gone

If you are doing some home upgrades, make sure you have the right gears, equipment, and tools not just to get the job done but to also handle the construction-related dust from your work. Keep these reasons in mind not only for your health but also for your entire family.