Who You Gonna Call: Finding Assistance During Vehicular Accidents

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It’s not every day that you’d be driving down the highway and then suddenly witness an accident. It is of utmost importance that you know what should be done. Along with taking stock of the situation, you should be prepared to call the following services in case this ever happens to you.

The Police

These are the first groups of professionals that any witness to an accident, whether they are in Beenleigh or any other part of Australia, should call. Reporting the incident to the police and giving every important detail will help those who are involved in the case, along with other institutions involved. Accident and insurance reports will also need information from the police.

Medical Staff

Most vehicular accidents would entail injured individuals or even loss of human lives. Such emergencies will demand a call to the nearest hospital, emergency centre or medical facility. Give a headcount of the possible affected and wounded by the accident along with the number of cars and other pertinent details when you get someone on the line. These details are essential for the medical staff to make a proper estimate of how many people, what medication and the number of ambulances that will be required to deal with the situation.

Towing and Cleaning Services

If an accident happened in the middle of the road; chances are that the involved vehicles are currently getting in the way of traffic. Calling a tow truck service in Beenleigh after everything has been investigated and documented by the police helps clear the way once again. Meanwhile, professional removal of debris, rubble and body fluids by a proper cleaning service can also prevent more accidents from happening because of the incident.

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Contacting people during this critical time can greatly assist those affected by the accident. Not only are you saving the lives of those involved but also those passing by the accident scene. Just remember to keep calm when making that call. It won’t do to bluster, scream or holler into your phone when giving these life-saving details to your responders.