How To Stay Warm If Your Furnace Breaks Down

Winter SeasonDespite the high probability of heaters breaking down in the middle of winter, many people still fail to check on their systems before the season's change. A broken heating system in the middle of winter is enough reason to panic. 

Until you can find a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) parts supplier like Masterflow Solutions who can fix your system, here are some ways on how you and your family can stay warm during the cold season:

  • Keep the remaining heat from escaping through the floors by placing a rug or carpet. Apart from keeping the heat in, it can keep your feet warm. Tiled, marble and wooden floors can be unforgiving during the cold season so make sure you’re wearing durable and thick socks.
  • Work up a sweat by doing some exercises or moving around. It can be tempting to just wrap yourself in a thick blanket like a burrito but it can only get you so far. The more you move around, the more body heat you will generate.
  • Work the fireplace. Stay by the fire and keep warm with a hot drink and some chestnuts.
  • Better yet, cook something low and slow on the stove stop and make use of the heat. However, this doesn’t mean you can open the stove and use it as a makeshift fireplace. Whether you have an electric or gas-operated cooking stove, you should never do this. Cook a stew instead. Or bake something.
  • Suit up for the cold nights. While waiting for the repair man to arrive, dress up in layers to keep warm. Use you duvet or comforters to bundle up until the broken furnace can be fixed. If you need to wait until the morning for the repairs, you slip on some hot water bottles in between your sweaters to keep warm.
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Follow these tips and stay warm during the winter. If needed, don't hesitate to get in touch with a maintenance service provider.