Being a Friend and Parent When Your Teen Gets Into a Car Accident

Teen Gets Into a Car Accident in AustraliaLet’s face it, around 40% who die in car crashes in Australia are aged 25 years and below. Vehicular accidents are the cause of death of 60% of Australians aged 17 to 20. If your teenager ends up in a collision, they would need your help even more.

Here are ways you can assist their recovery:

Listen and Sympathise – The biggest fault of most parents would be to be angry at the totalled car. Your most precious commodity is your own flesh and blood and the last thing they want to hear is a furious lecture right after a traumatic experience. Focus on your child’s physical and mental situation and let them know that you are worried. Then listen to what they have to say and not the other way around.

Make Yourself Available – While healing physically and psychologically, your son or daughter may have relapses due to memory triggers of that fateful day. Though facing their fears is required for recovery, allow them to get over their trauma at their own pace. Just be there to motivate them, encourage them and assist them. For instance, if they still can’t handle shopping for skyline car parts required to fix their vehicle, then you might want to do it for them.

Schedule Professional Help – Though many teens today look at a psychiatric care and physical therapy as signs of weakness, you need to make your child understand that they will need it to recover properly. Make it easier for them by looking for the right experts to handle their cases, choosing the schedules and doing your best to be there during their sessions. You don’t need to join them but you can bring them there or take them home after their treatment.

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Your child must always be your priority. You can discuss the issues of safe and responsible driving when they have fully recovered. Meanwhile, this is your chance to be truly a parent and a friend to your child. Make use of it to make them and your relationship better and stronger.