Quality Check: How Was That Mounted Animal Crafted?

TaxidermyHunters and wildlife lovers who collect mounted, stuffed animals should know what constitutes a good taxidermy job. It usually depends on the type of animal, the mounting application and other items used to decorate the animal.

Taxidermy by Dourlain suggests looking at the workmanship of the preserved animal. Hunters and collectors pay big money to get their trophy, but they should know what a quality taxidermy work is in order to gauge whether they got what they paid for.

They should check these criteria when assessing the craftsmanship of mounted animals:


Check how the taxidermist preserved the animal, and the material used to preserve the animal. Flaws, such as missing patch of fur or loose body parts, are signs of poor craftsmanship. Aside from the visual indicators, another red flag is a lingering rotten scent. A good taxidermist should be able to eliminate the putrid smell of decomposition.

Anatomical Correctness

A mounted animal should be the appropriate size to make it realistic. A good indicator when checking anatomical correctness is the amount of stuffing placed inside the animal. Too much stuffing can make the animal look bloated, while too little stuffing can prevent it from being mounted properly and may cause the skin to sag.


Although collectors focus more on the mounted animal, it would help if there were a habitat surrounding the animal. For example, if the mounted animal is a lion, the ideal habitat that can be installed is a savannah or a desert.

Instead of a neutral position, an animal can be “posed” to make the mount more appealing. A lion in a stalking position, ready to pounce on its prey, is a particularly arresting stance.

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When crafted properly, the reselling value of mounted animals can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. To anyone who’s planning to preserve it, however, they can have a peace of mind that it will last a long time without losing its vigor.