Correctly Prepare your Boat for Transport

Boat Transport Brisbane is a great place for boat owners. The numerous ports, long coast and a sunny climate make it an ideal place for cruising, sailing, and enjoying water sports. Those who need to move between cities, however, may need to transport their boat by land.

While it may seem like a good idea to sail or cruise along the coast to get to your new destination, it is not always the most cost-effective option. Cruises along the coast are expensive, as it may require many days of travel – oftentimes; moving in a straight line on land is simply faster and less expensive.

Before you choose to hire a tow truck within Brisbane to haul your boat across the country, consider preparing your boat for transport first. While large boats may require the help of a professional marine surveyor, the owner can prepare smaller boats. You just have to be thorough, so that you can minimise the damage to your boat.

Get the Accurate Dimensions of Your Boat

You will need to get the accurate dimensions of your boat so that the towing services can load your boat and plan the transportation route correctly. For very large boats, such as yachts, you may need to hire someone who handles specialised trade transports, as it is important that the size of the truck match the size of the boat being transported.

Drain Liquids

Your boat needs to be as light as possible during transport to prevent any problems. Drain the fuel tanks about ¾ of the way, as you will still need a little bit of fuel to be able to move your boat after you reach your destination. Remove water from any interior systems, such as pumps, air conditioners, and the like. You should also check the drainpipes to ensure that there is no fluid trapped in the bilge.

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Remove Electronics and Other Sensitive Equipment

During transport, it is best to transport sensitive equipment on a separate vehicle. Remember, while on the road, the boat is subjected to cyclone-force winds and will experience constant vibration. Be sure to remove all forms of electronic equipment, as well as radars, hatches, and hailers.

Always coordinate with your transport company if you want to ensure the safety of your ship. Remember that your boat is a precious investment and that your transport company can only do so much to keep it safe from damage.