Useful Ideas to Prevent Getting Locked Out of Your Car

Locked Out Car in AucklandThere are times when you become so forgetful that you unintentionally left your car keys inside your car. And unless you are a professional vehicle locksmith, this should not be a problem at all. Unfortunately, there’s simply not much you can do about it once you get locked out of your car other than to call for an emergency roadside assistance and hope they can open your car.

The experience should make you think of ways to prevent a similar car lockout incident from ever occurring again. Here are some ideas for your consideration.

  • Think of ways in which you can have your car keys wherever you go. You can make it a habit to put your car keys in a small belt pouch or even at the end of an expandable keychain attached to your pants.
  • Try to use a car key holder that is either heavy or bulky so it would be impossible for you to miss it. You can also try attaching a key holder that is quite noisy or makes rattling sounds to alert you should it fall on the floor.
  • Have a locksmith make a duplicate key which you can either leave at home or in your office or a trusted friend. The point is, should you find yourself locked out of your car again you will have a ready spare with which to open it.
  • Many of today’s modern cars come with digital keys that will not allow you to lock your car doors if the car key is still in the ignition. However, as this runs on technology it is often advisable that you have it checked for proper functioning.
  • While not necessarily ideal, you can install a secret compartment on the underside of your vehicle which will become the secret storage compartment of a spare car key. Just make sure that if you are going to place your key in this compartment there are no other individuals around otherwise it won’t be a secret anymore.
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The key to preventing car lockouts is to have the presence of mind to always keep your car keys with you whenever you leave your car, even momentarily. Call it a habit, but it is a habit that can literally save you hundreds of dollars and the hassle of being locked out of your car.